Head Start Launches Male Involvement Initiative

Head Start Launches Male Involvement Initiative
Posted on 09/22/2023
Head Start Launches Male Involvement Initiative

The ESC19 Head Start Male Involvement Initiative promotes bonding between Head Start children and fathers, caregivers, and other male figures who play a significant role in raising a child.

 Each month, the program integrates fun, curriculum-based projects that children complete at home with an adult participant. Projects like "Meet My Dad," "Meet My Important Person," and "Kindness Rocks" create opportunities for fathers and male role models to bond and communicate with their children. Photos of Completed projects are proudly displayed on a "Male Involvement Board" in the Head Start classroom. 

 Family Partnership and Leadership trainer Sheena Lopez emphasizes the underestimated importance of a positive male role model in a child's life. "Studies show that children with an actively engaged positive male figure experience enhanced social/emotional development, academic success, and lower stress levels," said Lopez.

 Participants in The Male Involvement Initiative include but are not limited to,  biological fathers, adoptive fathers, foster fathers, godfathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, adult male family members, guardians, neighbors, family friends, and the mother's significant other. Mothers and female role models with no adult males in the home may also participate. The ultimate goal of the Male Involvement Initiative is to facilitate positive engagement and interaction, benefiting the child and strengthening the Head Start family unit.

 The ESC19 Head Start Male Involvement Initiative, sponsored by the Head Start Family Partnership & Leadership program, aligns with the Office of Head Start Performance Standards to provide parent and family engagement opportunities, including fatherhood and male involvement.

 For more information about the Head Start Male Involvement Initiative, contact your child's Head Start center or email [email protected].