Head Start Celebrates Read Across America

Posted on 03/01/2024
Read Across America with Dr. SeussESC19 Head Start Centers celebrated Dr. Seuss Week, immersing children in the imaginative world of the beloved author. Each day, they brought a new Dr. Seuss book to life as teachers read the stories, accompanied by fun, themed activities. From "Green Eggs and Ham" to "Fox in Socks," children engaged in storytelling, crafts, and dress-up, including "Wear Green" and "Crazy Socks" days. Children, teachers, and staff even dressed up as the infamous "Cat in the Hat" in this vibrant celebration of literacy, creativity, and community.

Originating from the National Education Association's "Read Across America" initiative, Dr. Seuss Week has evolved into a nationwide celebration of literacy, highlighting the importance of reading in education and beyond.

Dr. Seuss Week entertains and promotes early literacy skills crucial for children's development. By introducing young readers to engaging stories and imaginative activities, Head Start Centers
s, Head Start Centers cultivate a love for reading that lays the foundation for lifelong learning. 

Through themed activities and spirited engagement with Dr. Seuss's timeless tales, Head Start centers cultivate a love of learning in children while developing essential literacy skills that will benefit them for years to come.