'Click It or Chicken' at Peter Duarte Head Start

Buckle-Up for Safety...and Chicken!
Posted on 05/18/2023
Horizon City PD and Raising Cane's Chicken Promote Vehicle Safety at Head Start.

ESC19 Head Start, Horizon City PD and Raising Cane’s Chicken teamed up to promote vehicle safety at at the“Click It or Chicken” event at Pete Duarte Head Start in Horizon. City, Texas.

Parents picking up their children from Pete Duarte Head Start AM and PM classes were greeted by officers from Horizon City PD who congratulated children for being safely buckled up in the vehicle. Officers also assisted parents in properly securing their children's car and booster seats.
Each child was rewarded with a 'Certificate of Safety' and parents received vouchers for one free meal, per child, at Raising Canes restaurants. Over four hundred vouchers were distributed to families during the event.

Properly securing children in seatbelts and car seats is of utmost importance when traveling in vehicles. Studies show that the use of car seats and seatbelts can reduce the risk of serious injury or death for children involved in car accidents by up to 80%.
ESC19 Head Start encourages parents and caregivers transporting children to ensure that children are always correctly buckled up in age-appropriate car seats or seatbelts, depending on their size and age. Doing so could save a child's life in the event of an accident.