Parent Leadership Institute Teaches Governance

Parent Leadership Institute Teaches Governance Lesson
Posted on 09/27/2017
Region 19 Head Start recently hosted the Parent Leadership Institute Training for newly elected Parent Policy Council representatives. This training equips parent leaders with a solid understanding of the Head Start Governance Structure and the role of Policy Council, laying the foundation for a successful partnership and positive program outcomes.

The training, a day of collaboration and learning about Head Start, was led by the Family and Leadership Program Manager David Herrera along with the program directors.

“Policy Council is a unique aspect of the Head Start program governance. It supports active parent engagement and leadership,” Herrera said. “Parent representatives are involved in the decision-making process and help shape the future of the program. At the same time, we equip our parents with tools that will help them nurture their children’s readiness for school and life.”

Head Start governance is mandated by the Head Start Act of 2007, which describes the expectations, composition, and the roles and responsibilities of the governing bodies. The ESC Region 19 Head Start governance is composed of the Region 19 Board of Directors, the Parent Policy Council Members and the Executive Team. These three entities work collaboratively to oversee the Head Start Program.

“Parent committees allow parents to explore their interests and use their strengths to better themselves and their families. Our goal is to empower Head Start parents in every way possible,” Herrera said. “Policy Council helps them enhance their parenting, advocacy, and leadership skills because they are the most important and effective advocates for the children and program.”

During this training, the Policy Council Executive Officers were elected by their peers. They will be the voice for all the active Head Start parents and will act in the best interest of the program, representing the children and families served.

2017-18 Parent Policy Council Executive Officers:

• Robert Hicks – President
• Angela Barrera – Vice-President
• Cecilia Acosta – Secretary
• Martin Rios – Treasurer
• Lorenzo Telas – Sergeant at Arms