Convocation Kicks Off New School Year1

ESC Region 19’s annual back-to-school rally brought together teachers, administrators, custodians, bus drivers, cooks and all other staff for a day of inspiration and motivation at the 2017 Superheroes ESC Region 19 Convocation, on Friday, August 22 at the Head Start Multipurpose Center.

Convocation unites all the employees from Region 19 - Boeing Office and Head Start Services under one roof for a celebration that promotes camaraderie and team spirit. The event program included an employee awards and district partnership recognition, followed by inspirational messages by area school district superintendents and Region 19’s executive directors.

“Every employee in the education field is a hero. We must always remember to do our job with love and take pride in what we do – serve children,” Region 19 Executive Director Armando Aguirre said. “We are here to celebrate our triumphs and remind us of the important role that each of us plays in preparing children and families for success.”

This event is designed to set the tone and get everyone on the same page, ready to welcome children and families, and put on the superhero capes to create an environment where students are encouraged to reach their highest potential.

To warp it all up, staff members created posters representing their individual team’s superhero efforts (mission for this year) to ensure our children and families succeed. Staff chanted, cheered and clapped along with their center staff as individuals revealed their artistic posters.

“The superpower of Enrichment Services is to project imagination – to develop in everyone a sense of wonder and spark their curiosity,” Enrichment Services staff said. “We want children, staff, and parent volunteers to use their imagination while visiting our innovative learning environments, because the world is filled with endless possibilities.”

It takes great attitude and earnest commitment to work in the education profession. It is through education that we empower families and improve communities. We are in the occupation of education to make a positive impact on the lives of others, and in the process we also impact each other.

ESC Region 19 wishes everyone an excellent 2017-18 School Year!