Head Start Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Head Start Centers Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month
Posted on 09/27/2023

As September dawns, the young hearts of our Head Start children beat to the rhythm of Hispanic Heritage Month. This annual observance, running from September 15th to October 15th, offers an opportunity to honor the rich cultural tapestry of Hispanic communities.


“This month is about teaching our children to take pride in their roots, to appreciate where they come from, and to celebrate the diversity that enriches our lives,” said Socorro Rodriguez, ESC19 Head Start Director.


ESC19 Head Start centers will engage in enriching activities that celebrate cultures, foster understanding, and embrace diversity. Head Start centers kicked off this month-long celebration with parades. Families participated alongside their children in the colorful march.


According to the National Head Start Association (NHSA), Latino and Hispanic communities are the largest and fastest-growing families in Head Start programs. The number of Hispanic families doubled over the last three decades. Culture is a fundamental feature of the Head Start program system and services. The program, designed to support the cultural diversity of enrolled children, provides opportunities at school for children to share who they are and be proud of where they come from.