Male Involvement Support Children's Development

Male Involvement Activities Support Children's Development
Posted on 09/02/2021
Father Child Art Project

When children have involved male figures in their lives, especially their education, they benefit immensely; they learn more, perform better in school, and exhibit healthier behavior. ESC 19 Head Start and Early Start provides activities throughout the year that enhance the role of fathers in the education of their children.  

The Family Partnership and Leadership (FPL) service area for ESC 19 Head Start recognizes that male family members and father figures serve vital roles in the healthy development of children. Also, that involved fathers help their children do well in school. FPL develops fun and engaging activities that promote active participation among fathers and their children. Activities include take-home art projects that are shared and displayed in the classroom.

"The purpose of our take-home projects is to increase the participation of our male figures and fathers," said Sheena Lopez, FPL facilitator. "We also want to help build that father and child bond and strengthen the relationship."

Research shows that when fathers are engaged in children’s education, student grades and test scores improve, attendance increases, and students are more involved in school activities.  

"We (FPL) work closely with our centers and Family Service Workers to provide monthly activities that fathers and children can work on together," said Lopez. “Male figures and dads matter in the lives of their children and the quality time they spend with them will make a huge difference in their development.”