New UTEP & Head Start Family Service Training

​New UTEP & Head Start Family Service Training
Posted on 03/12/2021

The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) College of Health Sciences, Department of Social work has partnered with ESC Region 19 Head Start to create the “Empowering and Family Centered Engagement Training Program”, developed to increase the knowledge and skills of ESC Region Head Start Family Service Workers (FSW).

Head Start FSW’s are providers of case management services for families enrolled in Head Start across El Paso and Hudspeth Counties.

The “Empowering and Family Centered Engagement Training Program” training consists of five modules which will cover areas of service delivery such as Ethics and Professionalism, Diversity and Sensitivity, Engagement, Roles of the FSW, and Case Management.

The goal of the training is to enhance knowledge and create a higher level of service delivery and quality according to federal, state and local regulations, and Head Start Performance Standards.

The five training Modules Include:

1. Ethics and Professionalism
a. Confidentiality
b. Boundaries
c. Agency policies & procedures

2. Diversity and Sensitivity
a. Culture
b. Biases

3. Engagement
a. Communication skills (client centered)
b. Interpersonal skills
c. Empathy vs Sympathy

4. Roles of FSW
a. Advocacy
b. Brokerage
c. Facilitator
d. Educator
e. Supervision
f. Safety and Reporting

5. Case Management
a. Documentation
b. Assessment
c. Planning (SMART goals)
d. Notes
e. Review in service planning/follow-up

Head Start FSW’s are the first line advocates for families, providing enrollment assistance, family intervention, prevention, crisis management and support to meet the needs of Head Start children and families throughout the duration of their Head Start enrollment. Professional development opportunities through training continuing education empowers FWS’s to better serve the children and families of Head Start!

To learn more about the "Empowering and Family Centered Engagement Training Program", contact Ramona Huffman at, [email protected] or, (915)790-4685.