Superior HealthPlan: Champion for Head Start

Superior HealthPlan: Champion for Head Start
Posted on 03/01/2021
Superior HealthPlan is the largest managed healthcare plan in Texas and is a "Champion for Head Start" for the ESC Region 19 Head Start Program!
Superior HealthPlan has maintained a strong partnership with the ESC Region 19 Head Start program for fifteen years and is a strong supporter of the overall health and well-being of Head Start children and families.
Superior HealthPlan is hands-on in its advocacy of the Head Start program, providing healthcare coverage, and healthcare education and resources to Head Start parents to ensure the strong and healthy development of their child in the earliest and most critical stages of life. 
Superior HealthPlan provides immunizations, physical mental, wellness exams and other critical services for Head Start children not covered by insurance, Medicaid, or CHIP.  
Superior HealthPlan also sponsors Head Start healthy family initiatives such as the Head Start soccer leagues, and parenting and wellness courses.
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To learn more about enrolling in Superior HealthPlan, contact your child's Head Start Center, or visit the Superior HealthPlan website at: