Virtual Learning: How to Head Start at Home

Virtual Learning: How to Head Start at Home
Posted on 10/05/2020
Virtual Learning is a new experience for many parents and as a result, the task can appear quite daunting. Parents are a child’s first teacher, but for parents finding themselves taking on the literal role of the teacher for the first time, the processes of adapting to this new way of learning is accompanied by many questions and concerns.

Here are four simple ways to encourage learning at home in your pre-k child:

1. Find a comfortable, quiet, clutter and distraction-free workplace.
The surrounding environment can be a major distraction. Eliminate toys, “non-class related” electronics, and clutter that can distract your child from their study. Also, finding a raised surface where your child can alternate between sitting and standing will benefit more active children to focus better on tasks.

2. Schedule “Brain Breaks”.
Very young children need a quick break after staying on task for 5 – 20 minutes. Allow time for exercise, play, and child-determined activities between tasks. For pre-k children, it may be better to break down segments of the class rather than having them finish a whole lesson in one sitting.

3. Create a Visual Checklist of tasks, breaks, and rewards.
For many young children, visualizing their daily tasks and rewards, and checking them off upon completion will keep them focused and allow them to see what they have accomplished that day.

4. Provide Positive Feedback!
Having a reward system such as a star, treat, or extra playtime is a good way to reinforce and reassure your child and maintain their motivation.

As always, whether in the classroom or at home, parental involvement and enthusiasm is the number one key to maintaining a positive attitude in your child’s education!

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