Ft. Bliss Soldiers Show Positive Male Involvement

Ft. Bliss Soldiers Model Positive Male Involvement
Posted on 01/28/2020

Soldiers from Fort Bliss spent the day with children from Southside Head Start as part of Southside’s Male Involvement initiative. The soldiers spent the entire day with the children, reading, eating and doing classroom activities together. This is the second time Sgt. Adam Mena, a Fort Bliss soldier and  former student of Southside Head Start, has given back to his pre-K alma matter by volunteering his and his fellow soldier’s time to support a new generation of Head Start children.

“Male involvement is very important in a child’s life”, says Southside Head Start Family Service Worker, Diana Garcia, “Children perform better academically and exhibit more positive behavior when their fathers or other positive male role models are involved in their education”.