Grow Now Financial Wellness for Parents

Grow Now Teaches Financial Stability
Posted on 09/06/2019
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Grow Now, is a free training offered to Head Start parents by a collaboration between LiftFund and ESC R19 Head Start which offers training to enterprising Head Start parents interested in starting or growing their small business. 

The training consists of seven classes conducted by Professional Business Consultants who educate participants in navigating the often intimidating world of digital marketing, developing business models, growing your sales strategy, examining your money, perfecting your message, and answering questions in simple, easy to understand terms. LiftFund is a non-Profit small business lending company that helps entrepreneurs’ strengthen business, stabilize and increase their income, create employment, and contribute to the economic revitalization of our community. In partnership with Head Start the program increases the opportunities for financial wellness by providing these sessions to our families. “I was excited when approached to do the presentation” said Anna Hernandez, AGI Client Relations Manager, “We here at AGI know what it’s like to have a vision as the owner started off here in El Paso just like [these parents] did, and with dedication and very hard work we accomplished a lot. Back then we didn’t have anyone else to really guide us as digital marketing was fairly new. That is why we here at AGI provide free consultations and audits to help guide and educate small to medium-sized businesses”.

 Participants will graduate the seven-week training with the advantage of a newly acquired knowledge in business and marketing, as well as continued free consultation and support. “A big passion for LiftFund is to help El Paso grow, the more we help guide and educate these small/medium-sized businesses the more they grow, the more jobs it creates and the bigger we all get!” said Lupe Mares, Lift Fund Vice President, Southwest Region.

 For information on Grow Now and other free opportunities for Head Start Parents, please contact your child’s Head Start Center Manager, or David Herrera at  (915) 790-4684.