Family Partnership & Leadership

Healthy family relationships and parent involvement provide children the security to explore, play, and learn. Research shows that what happens during the first five years of life is critical to healthy child development. Parents serving as positive role models and providing early learning experiences at home set a secure foundation for later school success.

Family Partnership and Leadership (FPL) provides advocacy and leadership opportunities designed to engage Head Start Families as leaders and educators in the development of their child. Parent engagement activities provide support to the participants designed to increase parent involvement which is vital to the school readiness and overall well-being of the child and their family.

FPL provides opportunities for parent and family participation at home and in Head Start centers and classrooms as volunteers. Volunteering in the classroom provides valuable experience for parents who wish to pursue degrees and careers in education. Opportunities such as Planning Day Volunteers, allow parents to combine their classroom volunteer hours and complete a three-day training seminar which qualifies them for employment in Region 19 Head Start classrooms or any local daycare or child development center.

FPL also provides training and support in adult education, ESL, and professional development, empowering parents with the academic, professional, and financial skills to increase their potential and success in the workforce and higher education.