Education Development Infants & Toddlers

Early learning experiences influence the architecture of brain development and have a significant impact on a child's learning. Infants and toddlers develop within the context of relationships with the adults in their lives; healthy social interactions and exploration provide the foundation for school readiness and lifelong learning.

Children's social-emotional, physical, and cognitive development is enhanced through an age-appropriate curriculum and early learning experiences that facilitate their development and prepare them for school success. The ESC 19 Head Start Infant/Toddler Education and Development (ITED) Program is a comprehensive, well-structured program serving infants (0-12 months), mobile infants (12-18 months), toddlers (19 -24 months), and two-year-olds (24-36 months), as well as their families. Pre and postnatal services are also provided to expectant and teen mothers.

Region 19 Head Start Summer Home Based Child Development program is a supplemental service offered to qualified Head Start families with children ages 0-36 months. Over an 11-week period in the summer months, ITED Teachers and coaches visit participating families in their homes, providing parents with tools and support to help them become their child's primary teacher at home.

Children transferring from Early Head Start to Preschool are assigned to their same EHS teacher to ensure continuity of care and a smooth transition into the preschool environment.